Vodafone Idea (Vi) Balance Check, How to Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) USSD Balance, Data Usage, SMS balance and Validity?

Number for Vi Balance Check (LATEST 2024) Looking for the Vi Balance Check Number? If so, you’ve found the proper article. In this piece, we’ll provide you the balance check numbers for Vi Idea and Vodafone.

Nevertheless, with your help, we’ll explain more simple methods for checking your balance, including live chat with Vodafone, email, and WhatsApp messages to Vi (Vodafone and Idea). Due to the merger of Vodafone and Idea, which resulted in the creation of Vi, all previous codes have been replaced with new ones as well as new methods for checking your balance.

You have read this post in its entirety because you want to learn about new codes and ways to check your balance. But, if you are unfamiliar with Vi, we will first explain it to you before going on to topics like Vi Balance Check Number.

What Is Vi – Information About Vi

In 2024, Vodafone and Idea made the decision to merge. But, after two years, Vodafone and Idea have changed their names. By changing their names, Vodafone and Idea have become known as Vi, where V stands for Vodafone and I for Idea.

Because of this, Vodafone and Idea have jointly opted to utilise Vi’s apps and USSD codes in place of the USSD codes that were previously available on both Sim Operators, Vodafone apps, and Idea apps.

As a result, only the most recent USSD codes supplied by Vi will work on your Idea and Vodafone Sims going forward. Today, you will get a Vi SIM when you go to acquire an Idea or Vodafone SIM.

Identify the Vi Balance Check Number

You can call the Vi, i.e. Idea or Vodafone Service Number at *199# from a prepaid or postpaid phone to get account information.

Prepaid: You may check all things SIM-related by dialling *199# from your prepaid number. Options include My Offers, Balance & Usage, Manage Account, Get Digital, Recharge Through Balance, Language, and more.

According to the directions from this, information may be obtained by pressing various numbers.

Postpaid: You may obtain a variety of alternatives, including Your Best Fit Plan, My Tariff Plan and Usage, Control Account Billing & Payments, Get Digital, etc., by dialling *199# from your Postpaid number.

By choosing from the available choices, you may extract any information of your choice.

List Of All Vi USSD Codes (Vodafone And Idea) 2024

By the way, dialling *199# will give you access to all of your Vodafone or Idea Sim’s details.

Instead of having to choose alternatives by dialling *199#, you may call the USSD code for your option directly thanks to the codes we’ve provided below for checking Direct Balance, Net, and other things.

Vi Prepaid USSD Codes 202 3 (Vi Prepaid Balance Check Codes)

Vi Balance Check No/VI Revi recharge check number*111*2*1#
Internet/Data Usage*111*2*2#
Get Vi App*111*4#
4G/3G/2G Internet Offers*111*1*3#
Chhota Credit*111*1*6#
recharge offer*111*1*7#
Voice, SMS, Roaming Offers*111*1*8#
Stop VAS*111*3*1#
Start VAS*111*3*2#

Now you must have known the number to check Vi ie Idea / Vodafone balance .

Vi Postpaid USSD Codes 2024

My Tariff and Activate New Tariff*111*1*1#
Data Usage*111*1*2#
Activate New Data Packs*111*1*3#
Roaming Packs*111*1*4#
Voice, SMS Packs*111*1*5#
Billing and Payment*111*2#
Start/Stop VAS Services*111*3*1#
Get Vi App*111*4#

How Can I Use The Vi App To Check My Idea Or Vodafone Balance?

Together with monitoring your balance, the Vi App allows you to perform a lot of other things. By downloading the Vi App, you can keep informed about any updates to Vi or the USSD Codes. Follow the instructions below to learn how to install the Vi App and check your Vodafone and Idea balance.

  • Step 1: First, download the Vi App from the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Next, input your Idea or Vodafone phone number in the Vi App.
  • Step 3: An OTP will now be issued to the Vi App phone number that you entered in Step 2 of the process.
  • Step 4: Your account will be authorised when you enter the OTP, and as you can see in the screen below, the Main Screen of the Vi App itself will provide information regarding Data and Main Balance.

You may quickly check your Vi Balance on the Vi App and also obtain data information in this method.

Check Idea Or Vodafone Balance By Messaging Vi On WhatsApp

  • To connect with us on WhatsApp, first go to the MyVi.In website and choose “Click Here” from the drop-down menu.
  • You must now input your phone number and select Check Status in the second box.

You will have the option to talk with Vi’s Customer Service on WhatsApp after selecting Check Status. Afterwards, you may speak on WhatsApp with Customer Service to check the balance of your Vodafone or Idea line.

Check Your Idea Or Vodafone Balance By E-Mailing Vi

  • You must first visit the MyVi.In website and then select “Email us” from the Contact us menu.
  • The email box will appear when you click on Email, and you must then write an email to customercare@vodafoneidea.com.
  • You must enter “I want to check my Idea/Vodafone sim’s Data and Main Balance” in the subject line along with the name of your SIM card.
  • In the email area, you must input your Vodafone or Idea number before pressing the “Send Email” button.

You will receive your balance’s data a few hours or minutes after clicking Send Email.

Check Vodafone Or Idea Balance By Live Chat From Vi

If you’d like, you may Live Chat with the Vi team to acquire your balance or other information.

  • You must visit the MyVi.In page and select “Chat Now” from the list of Talk With Us options.
  • You must select Prepaid from the first of the three options that display when you send “hello” here, and then select Balance from the subsequent option.
  • You must choose the My Balance option after selecting the balance.
  • You must input your Idea or Vodafone number to view your balance after clicking My Balance.

Once your number has been verified, you will receive an OTP that you must enter in the chat window in order to receive the balance information.

In this post, we have provided you with a list of all the new USSD codes introduced by Vi, as well as the phone number to call to check your Idea and Vodafone balances. You were also given instructions on how to use the Vi App, WhatsApp Messages, and emails, which were just launched by Vi, to check your Vi balance. Please spread the word about our post if you enjoyed it so that your friends, family, and neighbours may learn more about Vi, Idea, and Vodafone besides the fact that outdated USSD Codes don’t work with Vi. able to utilise new codes.