UCO Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, Net Banking

UCO Bank Mini Statement 2024, one of the major government-owned commercial banks in India, offers immediate banking solutions to all of its clients. The bank has created cutting-edge and straightforward banking methods. In order to ensure that clients can follow their transaction history,

UCO Bank Mini Statement

There are several ways to obtain the UCO Bank Mini Statement from UCO Bank. Customers can obtain their mini statement without requiring going to the bank location. Customers can obtain their mini-statement of accounts in a number of ways via the internet or their mobile devices.

UCO Bank Mini Statement Number

Customers with UCO Bank accounts can choose to call the mini statement number shown below from the mobile phone on file with the bank, 1800-103-0123

There are many ways to obtain a UCO Bank Mini Statement. A UCO Bank mini statement can be obtained using a variety of techniques. Here are a few of the techniques:

Mini-statement number from UCO Bank

Calling the UCO Bank mini statement number from your registered mobile phone will allow you to obtain the mini statement if you have a UCO bank account. From your registered mobile number, dial 1800-274-0123. Please be aware that UCO Bank does not provide a missed call service. To obtain their mini statement, the user must contact the aforementioned number.

SMS delivery of the UCO Bank Mini Statement

Customers can use the SMS service provided by UCO Bank to receive a record of the past three transactions from their account. To receive the mini statement, the customer must send an SMS from the registered cellphone number on their account. Type TRAN Account Number> mPIN> and submit it to 56161 to obtain a copy of the UCO Bank mini statement.

Utilising Internet banking

To obtain the UCO Bank mini statement online via internet banking, go to the UCO Bank’s official net banking website. After entering your user ID and password to access the portal, go to the “My Account” area and select the “Mini Statement” option. The customer may also obtain a thorough account statement for their UCO Bank account in addition to the small statement.

By Using the UCO mBanking App

Customers may view the UCO Bank mini statement with ease thanks to the bank’s new mobile banking application, which is available. Download the UCO Bank Mobile Banking app by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use your 4-digit mPIN and the OTP that is provided to your registered cellphone number to log into the application. Get your UCO Bank mini statement by choosing the “Account Statement” option under the “Banking” menu.

By using an ATM, access UCO Bank Mini Statement

You may obtain your UCO Bank mini statement with your debit card. All you have to do is go to the ATM closest to you and put your debit card in the reader. Choose the ‘Mini Statement’ option from the menu that appears on the screen. The following 10 debit and credit transactions from your account will be shown by the computer. You may print out a printed copy of your UCO Bank mini statement and these transactions as well.

Questions and Answers

How do I access my mini statement from Uco Bank?

You may examine your UCO Bank mini statement by calling 1800-274-0123, which is the number for that statement.

How can I obtain a small statement from Uco Bank on my phone?

To receive your UCO Bank mini statement on mobile, call 1800-274-0123 from your registered cell number or text TRAN to 56161.

How do I obtain an online mini-statement from Uco Bank?

To get the UCO Bank mini statement online, utilise the UCO mBanking mobile app or the bank’s official online net banking page.

Are there any fees associated with using the Uco Bank mini statement service?

No, there are no fees associated with using the UCO Bank mini statement service.

How can I view my Uco Bank’s most recent five transactions?

To view the most recent 5 transactions in UCO Bank, utilise the UCO mBanking mobile app.

How can I view my Uco Bank’s most recent 10 transactions?

Check the latest 10 transactions in UCO Bank at the closest ATM using your UCO Bank debit card.

How can I obtain my Uco Bank bank statement for the past three months?

Visit the official UCO Bank net banking portal to download your three-month bank statement.

How do I use the Uco Bank ATM to see my mini statement?

To check your mini statement at a UCO Bank ATM, insert your debit card and choose the tiny statement option from the menu that appears on the screen.