IOB Balance Check Number, IOB Balance Enquiry Missed Call, SMS, and etc.

How to Verify the Balance of an Indian Overseas Bank Account? Every bank account holder needs to be aware of their bank balance in order to make wise financial decisions. To find your bank balance earlier, you had to update your passbook and go to the bank branch.

IOB Balance Check

You can now check your account’s bank balance via the internet and other services like SMS banking and net banking. cellular banking, etc.

IOB Balance Check Number

Missed Call Number for Indian Overseas Bank Balance Enquiry The steps you must take to determine your IOB bank account’s balance are as follows:

  •  To register your contact information for missed call service, go to the India Overseas Bank office that is closest to you. After opening an account, clients can also make changes to their bank account.
  •  Give the number 9210622122. a missed call after the service is activated.
  •  An SMS alert with the most recent information on the available balance will be sent to you.

Contact Number for IOB Mini-Statement Missed, The Indian Overseas Bank Mini-Statement Missed Call Number can be used to get the most recent five transactions from your bank account. Simply place a missed call to 8424022122 from your registered mobile number, and you’ll get an SMS with information on the previous 5 transactions.

SMS Banking with SMS Balance Check Number for Indian Overseas Bank, Customers of Indian Overseas Bank can use the SMS service from their registered cellphone number to check the balance of their accounts. The user must send an SMS to 84240 22122 in a specified format in order to use this service. The bank will reply with an SMS of its own containing the revised balance as soon as it receives this SMS.

  • Enquiries for account balances should be sent in the following format: BALSpace>Last four digits of your account number>.
  • For instance, if your account number is 1234567890, you must send an SMS with the subject BAL 7890 to 8424022122.

Use the Indian Overseas Bank’s online banking to check your balance. Via the net banking method, IOB customers can also check the balance of their accounts. This feature enables the account user to access online banking services around-the-clock without having to go to the closest bank branch. To use this service, log in to the website and select the corporate or individual login option according to your account. However, the user must register on the website before they may log in.

Indian Overseas Bank’s mobile banking service lets you check your balance. Customers of IOB can access a wide range of services through its mobile banking application, including balance inquiries, mini statements, cash transfers, credit card payments, bill payments, and checking the status of outstanding checks. IOB customers can sign up for this service by filling out a form and submitting it to their local branch, using their online banking credentials, or even signing up for an ATM.

By clicking the link and entering the MPIN the bank sent by SMS, you can download the mobile banking app. You may also find it by searching for “IobMobile” in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Users of the IOB Mobile Banking Application can access it via USSD, an application for Android, iPhone, or Windows, as well as a mobile browser (WAP).

Check Your Amount With an Indian Overseas Bank ATM Card, You will need to have a valid Bank of Baroda ATM Card in order to use this function. You can apply for this card at a Bank of Baroda branch close to you if you don’t already have one. To check your bank balance, you can use the card at any ATM. The service is completely cost-free. Here are the procedures to check your account balance using an ATM:

  1. Place the ATM Card into the ATM.
  2. The device would request the related ATM Pin.
  3. Put in the proper pin and press the enter key.
  4. To view the balance of your available account, select the Balance Inquiry option.

Visit Your Nearby Indian Overseas Bank Branch to Check Your Balance, Moreover, you can find out your current account balance by going to the closest Indian Overseas Bank. The bank executives will assist you in updating your passbook and providing you with a history of all previous transactions in addition to your current bank balance.

Indian Overseas Bank information, Indian Overseas Bank is a well-known public sector bank with headquarters in Chennai. Shri M. Ct. M. Chidambaram Chettyar founded the bank in 1937 with the intention of specialising in foreign exchange trading. It had 38 Indian branches and 7 branches outside of India at the time of independence. There are currently about 3400 domestic branches and a global presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and South Korea, among other countries.

IOB is one of India’s most technologically advanced and gifted banks. Its IT department is ISO-certified and provides consumers with a range of online and offline services. As a result, fundamental services like checking the amount of an account can be performed from a variety of platforms.


How can I check Indian Overseas Bank’s bank balance? To check the balance of your Indian Overseas Bank Account, call 9210622122 if the call is missed. Your account balance information will be delivered to you through SMS after leaving a missed call.

What is the Indian Overseas Bank’s method for checking my account balance? There are many ways to check your bank balance, including online banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, and more. The best option to check your bank balance is to use a missed call number, which enables you to call a number and receive an SMS with information about your bank account amount in return.

How may your cellphone number be registered with the Indian Overseas Bank? It’s simple to register your cellphone number with Indian Overseas Bank. Ask a bank representative for the account update form when you visit the bank. Your mobile number and other bank-related information must be entered into the form before you can submit it. Your mobile number will be updated on your account.