Marathi PDF, Download Voter ID Form 6 in Marathi PDF

Download the PDF version of Form 6 in Marathi: In India, a person can vote when they are 18 years old. To vote in an election, your name must be on the list of people who can vote. If your name isn’t on the list of people who can vote, you can’t. So, when you turn 18, make sure your name is on the list of people who can vote. Once your name is on the voting roll, you can vote in elections for the Gram Panchayat, the Vidhan Sabha, and the Lok Sabha.

How to Download Voter ID Form 6 in Marathi PDF?

Form TypeElection Form
Form NameVoter ID Form 6
Form LanguageMarathi
PDF Size163 KB
DownloadClick Here

Form 6 is available from the Election Commission to add names to the list of voters. After filling out this form and giving it to the right BLO, the person’s name will be put to the list of people who can vote. Here, we explain how to get the voter ID form 6 in Marathi PDF format. Along with this, it also says how to fill out Form 6.

How do I fill out Voter ID Form 6 to get my name on the voter list?

First, follow the link to download Form 6. Then print out this form. First, fill in the name of the district after you print. After that, put in the name and last name of the voter. Also, put the relative’s name in the form father’s or mother’s name. Now, fill in your birth date. Fill out the form below with the applicant’s full information. The candidate should then sign the statement. If you can’t figure out how to fill out the application form, you can also ask the BLO for help.

How do I ask to have my name added to the voting list?

Fill out Form 6 to ask to add names to the list of voters. After that, give it to the voting place or BLO, depending on what the Election Commission tells you to do. Along with the application form, you have to send in the following documents:

For Address Proof –

  • Electricity bill
  • Latest bank statement
  • PAN Card
  • Passport copy
  • Driving License
  • Government-issued service card
  • Public sector bank passbook
  • Rental/ Lease Agreement or Property Document with deed and photograph
  • Arm’s License
  • SC/ ST/ OBC official document
  • Railway Identity card
  • Student Identity Card
  • Document for Physical Handicap
  • Freedom fighter identity card
  • Pension Document etc.

For Proof of Age –

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving License
  • 10th mark list
  • any other suitable document that specifies your age.

Note: Along with Form 6, the candidate must send in two photos the size of a passport. This picture will be on the list of voters and on their ID cards.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to download Voter id Form 6 in Marathi file. This also explains in detail how to fill out Form 6 and ask to have your name put to the voting list. We hope you find this information useful. If you have trouble getting the form, please let us know in the box below. We’re here to help. Many thanks!