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Download Can I submit my KYC in IOB online? Complete the login process on the bank’s online page. Fill out the form with all of the essential information. Choose the KYC papers that will serve as evidence of identity and proof of address. Check the box to authorise the update.


How can I connect my Aadhar card to IOB online? Use your login ID and password to access your online banking account at


  • In the “Edit Profile” tab, choose “Aadhaar Details” option.
  • Select the “Update Aadhaar Number” option.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and submit it.

How can I activate IOB ECOM? The following are the steps for managing your card channel using the IOB Mobile app:

IOB Re KYC Update Form

  • Open IOB Mobile app and Login.
  • On landing page, tap on “Card Services”
  • Tap on “Debit Card Services”
  • Tap “Manage Debit card Limit & Channel Update”
  • Select Radio Button beside Contactless/ Offline Wallet / ATM / POS / Ecom – As required.

IOB Video KYC 2024

How can I connect my PAN card to IOB online? Connect Your PAN Card to Your Bank Account

  • Log into your bank’s internet banking account.
  • Enter your user ID and Password.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Select an option of ‘PAN Card updating’, link your PAN, update PAN or similar relevant option.
  • Enter your PAN Card number.

How do I apply for online e KYC?

How do I go about completing KYC online? When making an account on any KRA’s eKYC site, you must provide your personal information, such as your Aadhar card number, as well as your registered phone number, to which you will receive an OTP. Following verification, you must provide a copy of your self-attested Aadhar card.

IOB KYC Update Form