UCO Bank ATM Block, How to Block UCO Bank ATM Card

How can I Block my UCO Bank ATM card? As soon as you realise you’ve misplaced your ATM card, you should take the necessary procedures to stop it. This manual is intended for UCO Bank account holders. I’ll outline all the procedures you must do in this tutorial to Block UCO Bank ATM Cards.

UCO Bank ATM Block

You can use a variety of techniques. It makes no difference which approach you use. The card should be banned for the time being; that is all that matters. This will assist you in preventing any unauthorised transactions using the missing card.

UCO Bank ATM Block Number

24/7 Toll Free no: 1800 103 0123
HOT<space>xxxx and send to 9230192301

You won’t be charged by the bank to have the card blocked. But the new card that will be issued and connected to your bank account will cost money. Both offline and online techniques are available for you to use to block the card.

Methods to Block UCO Bank ATM Card

Choose any one method and follow the instructions.

By Sending SMS

How to Block an ATM Card from UCO Bank via SMS:

  • HOT space> in the SMS field. Account Number
  • Send this SMS from your registered cell phone to 9230192301.
  • The mechanism at the bank will disable your card.
  • The bank will send you a confirmation SMS.

By Calling Customer Care

How to Block an ATM Card from UCO Bank by Dialling Customer Service:

  • Dial 1800 274 0123 to reach the bank’s customer service.
  • Pick the language you want to communicate in.
  • After that, select the IVR option to interact with a customer service representative.
  • Inform the executive that the card has been lost and you wish to block it.
  • The executive will interview you briefly on your account.
  • To prove that you are the account’s owner, respond truthfully to all of the questions.
  • Give the last four digits of the lost credit card.
  • Your request will be handled by the executive.
  • Your card will also be instantly blocked.

Using Mobile Banking

How to disable the UCO Bank ATM card using mobile banking

  • Install and download UCO Bank’s official mobile banking app.
  • It may be downloaded from Google PlayStore for Android users.
  • It may be downloaded through the iTunes Store for iOS users.
  • After a successful installation, launch the application.
  • Enter the app’s login information.
  • Click Quick Services.
  • Deciding on Debit Card Blocking.
  • From the list, pick the debit card you wish to ban.
  • Likewise, adhere to the on-screen directions to block the card.


These are the many strategies you may use to stop the card. In addition to these 3, you may also stop it via internet banking. The procedure for online banking is the same as for UCO Bank mobile banking. Never divulge information to anybody, including your username, password, PIN, and OTP. Never expect a call from bank representatives asking for such information.