SBI Passbook Online Download

Download SBI Passbook Online How to Obtain an SBI Passbook Online Using the YONO App and the SBI Quick App, SBI Passbook may be obtained online at SBI provides broad online services for convenient account access, such as receiving account passbook online. SBI Passbook Online is another novel innovation by State Bank of India, which is an electronic passbook that can be used to save and store information. Keep track of your transaction account activities.

SBI Passbook Online

This is the State Bank of India mobile banking application. Existing YONO SBI Mobile App and online banking customers may utilise it. After connecting into the State Bank YONO App, you may examine your transactions recorded in your m-Passbook at any time of day. You can also download the SBI Passbook online. Let’s look at how to receive your SBI passbook online. The material in the article is given step by step.

How to Obtain SBI Passbook Online Using the Yono Lite SBI App

  • Install the SBI Yono Lite app on your phone.
  • Open the app and sign in with your internet banking user ID and password.
  • Enter the OTP obtained on your phone, which is essential for registration verification.
  • After completing the Yono Lite SBI registration, sign in to Yono Lite using your Easy PIN or User ID and Password.
  • Tap the My Account option from the main screen.
  • Now, from the page, select mPassbook.
  • Select the View mPassbook option.
  • Now, on the screen, enter your account number.
  • To get the most recent transactions, click the refresh icon.
  • Then, on your phone, you may access your SBI passbook online.
  • SBI Passbook Online may be downloaded and saved by clicking the download button.

How to Obtain an Online SBI Passbook Using the SBI Quick App

  • Install the SBI Quick app on your smartphone.
  • Allow all needed rights in the SBI Quick app.
  • Tap the Account services option from the Home page, then the “Register” option.
  • Enter the SBI account number now.
  • Your phone’s SMS app will launch.
  • Send the SMS to the previously entered number 7208933148.
  • SBI Quick App Registration has now been completed successfully.
  • SBI Quick App has a 6-month E-Statement option. Before proceeding, tap on the SMS icon.
  • To open the file, enter the account number and four-digit passcode.
  • Your phone’s SMS app will launch.
  • Send a pre-written message to the number supplied.
  • Open your email after you’ve successfully sent the message.
  • Examine the fresh email from SBI Quick, which contains the previous six months’ pdf feeler format statement.