SBI Credit Card Statement Password, How to Get SBI Card Statement Password

State Bank of India provides a wide range of credit card services to customers who have opened accounts with the bank. SBI offers a number of credit cards; after generating monthly bills, it will email customers about their credit cards; this email is password-protected, and you need to know the password to access the E-statement. How to Open SBI Credit Card Statement Pdf Password, SBI Credit Card Statement Password Format, and How to Check SBI Credit Card Statement Online & Offline

SBI Credit Card Statement

A password in a certain format is needed to view your SBI credit card statement, To view the PDF statement, the proper password must be typed. You must carefully read the email before looking for the password format since it will contain both the PDF statement and the SBI Card Statement password format.

SBI Credit Card Statement Password

The consumer has to enter the last five digits of the registered mobile number and date of birth in the DDMMYY format. For example, if a mobile number is XXXXX13458 and DOB is 25 August 1990 then the password will be 13458250890.

Because some individuals opt to dismiss it and use the internet to find a legitimate alternative, let’s examine what the SBI Credit Card Statement Password is and how to download it for older SBI card E-statements.

How to Open SBI Credit Card Statement Password

PDF of the SBI Credit Card Statement The date of birth is represented by the first eight characters of the password, which have the pattern DD/MM/YYYY. However, the next four characters represent the final four digits of the customer’s SBI card.

For instance, the corresponding password for the SBI Credit Card Statement PDF will be 020619966677 if the cardholder’s date of birth is June 2, 1996, and the final four digits of their card number are 6677. The 8 digits from your SBI credit card statement password DOB and the final 4 numbers of the customer credit card are the password that will allow you unlock moving forwards.