Block IndusInd Bank Credit Card, How to Block IndusInd Credit Card

How to Disable the IndusInd Credit Card: Contact the bank at any time, and they will assist you in blocking your credit card if you lose or misplace it. How can IVR, phone, or phone banking secure an IndusInd credit card? You can call the IndusInd Credit Card Customer Care Number at 1860 267 7777 to ban your IndusInd Bank credit card. Customers who live outside of India can call 022 4220 7777.

How to Block IndusInd Credit Card

To block your IndusInd Bank credit card, contact the IndusInd Credit Card Customer Care Number – 1860 267 7777. Customers outside India can use the following

How to Stop Using Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Credit cards are a sound financial instrument that increases purchasing power. Cardholders must exercise extra caution while making purchases with their credit cards to prevent any potential fraud. You have a selection of credit card-blocking alternatives from IndusInd Bank. Here are a few other options for banning your IndusInd Bank credit card.

Various Techniques for Blocking Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card

IndusInd cardholders can request a credit card ban in case of loss, theft, or unauthorised usage. The client may utilise the techniques listed below to ban your IndusInd credit card.

IndusInd Bank clients may quickly ban their credit cards by calling the toll-free helpline number at 18605005004 / 022 44066666. To help you, a customer executive will be assigned. You must specify your payment card information so a customer service representative can verify it. Your credit card will be disabled, and a new one will be issued.

Utilising mobile banking

Cardholders of IndusInd Bank must connect their credit card to the mobile banking app to access their accounts. You can block your IndusInd Bank credit card by following the instructions below.

  1. Before registering, download the IndusInd app for mobile devices.
  2. Complete the registration process with a credit card or net banking.
  3. Continue by providing the details of your credit card.
  4. After signing up, log in using your credentials.
  5. Click on the Credit Card Service Request menu item.
  6. Select your credit card and block it from the drop-down option.

With the help of the Card Protection Plan

By contacting the number below, IndusInd Bank clients can block their credit cards using the card protection plan. These helpline numbers are 1800 419 4000 (Toll-Free) and STD Code – 6000 4000 (toll-free).

By using Netbanking

You must first sign up for net banking to access your credit card account. The IndusNet service allows you to access your credit card account. Customers must sign into their accounts and navigate to the credit card area. From the lost/stolen categories, pick your credit card. To finalise the transactions, the cardholder must click the confirm button.

By using phone banking

Cardholders can also contact the bank by dialling the customer service hotline. To seek the blocking of your IndusInd Bank credit card, call 18605005004 or 022 44066666. You must provide the bank with information on your credit card. The bank will verify your account and block it.

Using email

By mailing a letter to the addresses listed below, IndusInd Bank clients can ban their credit cards.

You must describe your credit card information as it relates to your account and give a rationale for the card block request.

Utilising a Branch Visit

You may also ban your credit card by going to the nearby IndusInd Bank location. The bank representative will need to know the specifics of your credit card. An application form must be filled out and submitted by the consumer. After verifying the consumer’s submitted information, the bank will issue a new card.


How much does IndusInd Bank charge for a replacement card?

Customers of IndusInd Bank pay Rs 100 as a replacement card cost.

Can you temporarily block your credit card at IndusInd Bank?

You can temporarily ban your IndusInd Bank credit card but not use it for any additional purchases.

Does blocking your IndusInd credit card result in the closure of your account?

The credit card account does not close once the bank blocks it no.