Check CRN Number, Get Kotak Bank Account CRN Number by SMS

Kotak Mahindra Bank CRN Number: 3 Ways To Find It How can I locate or obtain my Kotak Mahindra Bank CRN number/customer ID? Here is an easy way to locate your Kotak Bank account CRN or customer ID number if you forget it.

Check CRN Number

The CRN Number is what? Customer Relationship Number, or CRN for short, is often referred to as a customer ID or reference (Ref.) number. Your Nett Banking username is your Customer Relationship Number (CRN), and you must input it when you log in or sign up for Kotak nett banking.

What Is The Kotak Mahindra Bank CRN Number?
Here are three ways to check your customer ID if you can’t for some reason locate your customer relationship number.

1 Kotak CRN through SMS

To obtain your customer ID, you only need to send an SMS from your registered cellphone number.

  • Type “CRN” and send to 9971056767 or 5676788 (SMS charges apply)
  • After sending an SMS you will receive reply message containing your CustomerID.

2 Locate the ATM Debit card.

Your Kotak ATM Debit card will include your CRN number on it. As shown in the image below, it is displayed on the front of your debit card beneath your name.

3 Printing on a Chequebook

Your Customer Relationship Number can also be found in the Cheque Book. Along with the information about your account, it is presented on the first page.

Open your Cheque Book front page, here you can see Ref No.: 189xxxxxx, yes that is your CRN number. (see below image)

Finally, you can contact customer service by dialling the phone banking number from your registered mobile number to get your CRN number. Click to view this list of phone banking numbers.

Nett Banking Tip: After logging into nett banking, you can modify your nett banking client ID online.

These are the three simple ways to obtain your Kotak Mahindra Bank customer identification number or CRN.