Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card, How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

How do I block Vijaya Bank’s Credit Card Using SMS? So, today, we’ll talk about how to block your Vijaya Bank credit card. When you lose or have your card stolen, you must host list it immediately. You don’t have to go to the branch or complete any paperwork. Just send a text message to stop. So, read the whole post if you want more information: How to Put a Stop to Vijaya Bank.

How to Block Vijaya Bank Credit Card

The Government of India runs Vijaya Bank as a PAN organization. The bank has 2031 stores, 13 extension centres, and 2001 automated teller machines (ATMs) nationwide to serve the banking and financial needs of people from all walks of life.

Vijaya Bank gives its users a wide range of services, such as ATMs, cash deposit machines, mobile banking, tab banking, and mobile wallet. Vijaya Bank lets people send money to each other using NEFT or RTGS. Customers can get Rupay Credit Cards and other credit cards from the bank. At any bank store, you can use NEFT/RTGS to move money. This bank was the first to offer new and exciting services to customers from the comfort of their own homes.

Steps to Block or Unblock a Vijaya Bank ATM Credit Card

  • Vijaya Bank Credit Card 24×7 Toll-Free Number
  • If you have questions about your credit card, you can call the following toll-free numbers:

If someone steals your card, call 1800-225-100 and ask for a new one. Before you do that, you need to call the same number and “hotlist” the credit card. You can also email the subject line “BL – (credit card number)” to

If your card is blocked, you can also SMS 9223172141 with the words “BLOCK [last four digits of the card number].” To secure the card, call 1800-225-100 or 1800-103-1006. You can also stop the car online.


How do I unlock my credit card?

You can unlock your Vijaya Bank (BoB) credit card by calling the customer service number for Vijaya Bank and asking them to do so. To unlock your card, you must show proof of who you are. You can also get your card cleared by sending an SMS email, using net banking, or going to the BoB office closest to you.

What is a credit card’s “hot list”?

If your credit card is on a “hot list,” you can get it back if lost or stolen. Putting your credit card on a “hot list” stops it from being used again.

When can I talk to a customer service rep from BoB?

The toll-free number you can call to talk to a customer service rep about your credit card is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also use IVR to talk to a customer service rep. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can call the toll-free number to talk to a BoB customer service representative.

If I lose my credit card, what should I do?

First, you must get in touch with a BoB customer service representative right away, tell them you lost your credit card and ask to have it stopped. You will also have to go to the nearest police station to make a FIR and bring a copy to the bank.

My credit card isn’t working right. How do I get another one?

You can call BoB’s customer service and tell them your card is broken. The executive will walk you through the steps of getting a new card. You can also request a new card through mobile banking or online banking. You can also go to the BoB office closest to you and request a new credit card. There will be someone from the bank to help you.