Block RBL Bank Credit Card, How to Block RBL Credit Card

RBL Bank provides convenient online and offline tools for managing your credit card account, including instructions for closing and blocking your card. Temporarily halting usage of your RBL card is as easy as placing a block on it, and closing your account entirely is an option if you need it. Continue reading to learn how to cancel your RBL credit card.

How to Block RBL Credit Card

If an RBL credit card holder loses or has their card stolen, they can have it temporarily disabled to prevent further fraudulent usage. If customers no longer desire to use their RBL credit card, they can do so anytime. However, before making a final choice, they should consider the repercussions. Find out how to terminate your RBL Bank credit card account and how it will affect your credit score below.

You can cancel your RBL credit card account in a few different ways.

Contact the Help Desk.

Contacting RBL Bank’s customer service at 022-62327777 (for the RBL credit card) or 022-71190900 (for the SuperCard) will help you close your credit card account. You can cancel your credit card by calling the appropriate number and providing the required information.

Through Electronic Mail

Credit card customers at RBL Bank can deactivate their cards by emailing a cancellation request. Email for BFL SuperCards or for other RBL credit cards, including your full name, date of birth, card number, and expiration date.

Stop By Any RBL Bank Location

Customers who prefer an offline cancellation process can stop by any RBL bank location and submit a letter requesting the termination of their credit card. Along with identification, they may be required to produce a copy of their credit card with a diagonal cut.

Here are some of the online and offline options for freezing your RBL credit card:

Through the Use of Online Banking

Customers may access the credit card part of their RBL net banking portal by logging in. There, they might choose to have their card temporarily disabled.

Utilizing the MyCard App

  • Follow these steps to freeze your credit card using the RBL MyCard app:
  • To begin, enter your MPIN when prompted.
  • Second, adjust your card’s settings.
  • Select “Switch the card off.”
  • Call from Customer Service

Customers using RBL credit cards may reach the RBL X’perience Center at 022-62327777, while customers with SuperCards can dial 022-71190900. Users only dial the number to cancel their card and go through options 2 and 3.