Block HSBC Credit Card, How to Block HSBC Credit Card

Methods for Ceasing HSBC Credit Card Use If you’ve had your credit card used fraudulently and want to submit a complaint, you can do so by downloading a form from the website and mailing it to the bank. Phone Refuse a credit card from HSBC, If you suspect that your credit card has been stolen or used illegally, you should contact HSBC Phone Banking immediately.

Methods for Deactivating Your HSBC Card

What You Need to Know About Using IVRS, SMS, Online Banking, and Mobile Banking to Block and Unblock Your HSBC Bank Credit Card Among the best private banks in India, HSBC Bank is a favourite of both wealthy individuals and prosperous corporations. The sole product or service offered by HSBC is a credit card. Through its relationships with Visa and MasterCard, HSBC is able to provide its customers with premium credit cards. You may earn rewards like cash back and lounge access with any credit card you want.

If you have an HSBC Card and misplace it, don’t freak out. If you decide to put your HSBC card on a hotlist, you can do so by blocking it. To prevent your HSBC credit card from falling into the wrong hands, we have detailed the process of hotlisting it here.

We’ve compiled a few options for suspending your HSBC credit card.

IVRS instructions for deactivating an HSBC Bank credit card

You may cancel your HSBC credit card by using IVRS. The method is straightforward. All that is required is a call to the Phone Banking Number. When you call in, a person will double check your details by having you select the relevant IVRS Menu Option.

After that, the person will block your credit card, and you may ask about applying for a new one. The person will talk to you about the costs and other details associated with getting a new credit card.·

  • There are two different HSBC phone banking numbers you may use: 1860 108 7788 and 1860 500 2277.
  • If you have misplaced your card when travelling abroad, call 040-67173402 or 080-49089632.

Internet Banking Instructions for Deactivating Your HSBC Credit Card

The use of HSBC Internet Banking does not prohibit the use of credit cards at HSBC Bank. A Lost or Stolen Credit button will appear on your account dashboard. There is a “Lost or Stolen Credit Card” link on the account dashboard. The webpage will instruct you to immediately contact customer service in order to get the cards deactivated. If this happens to you, simply call the listed numbers, and a customer care agent will help you cancel your card.

Methods for Deactivating an HSBC Bank Credit Card through Mobile Banking

Another bank that has a mobile app that you can’t use is HSBC. You may deactivate your HSBC credit card using the HSBC mobile banking app. Keep the numbers ready in case you ever need to contact HSBC customer service again to have your card temporarily disabled.

You can disable your HSBC card in the ways described above. Getting a new HSBC card is as easy as calling customer care. Except for that one number, everything else stays the same. If you have any questions, please contact the HSBC Helpline, and remember to keep your card and personal information safe at all times.

Resident CustomersFrom OverseasWithin India
HSBC Advance Personal Banking /Credit Cards+91-40-61268002+91-80-718980021800 267 34561 800 121 2208
HSBC Premier (This is a toll-Free number)+91-40-61268001+91-80-718980011800 266 34561800 120 4722
Business Banking+91-040-61268010+91-040-71898010+91-080-61268010+91-080-718980101800 123 26661800 419 2288
Corporate Cards (Toll Free)+91-080-49089633+91-040-671734031800 419 22661800 102 6922
Retail Business Banking (RBB)+91-022-503235331800 120 2210
Retail Business Banking (RBB)+91-40-61268004+91-80-718980041800 419 54001800 123 2979