Block HDFC Credit Card, How to Block HDFC Credit Card?

Avoid Fraud with Your HDFC Credit Card and Learn How to Block It Contacting HDFC Bank’s customer service lines in case of a lost or stolen credit card is a simple and quick process.

Contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at 1860-267-6161 

Online Credit Card Deactivation/Blocking Guide Call our Phone Banking lines, block your account through Net Banking, or visit any HDFC office if you lose or have stolen your HDFC Bank Credit Card.

Stop Using Your HDFC Credit Card Online.

How to Deactivate Your Credit Card Using NetBanking

  1. First, access your NetBanking profile.
  2. Navigate to the Credit Cards section and choose the card you wish to disable.
  3. You’ll see a rundown of all the credit cards you’ve added to NetBanking.
  4. Enter Your Credit Card Number
  5. Select the credit card’s hotlisting reason from the drop-down menu.
  6. The same procedure applies for issuing a replacement card.

Call HDFC to Suspend Your Credit Card Transactions

PhoneBanking instructions for freezing or cancelling your HDFC Bank credit card

  • First, check that your TIN (Telephone identification Number) is correct.
  • The bank will provide you with this 4-digit number for phone banking services.
  • Following TIN verification, carefully adhere to all following instructions.

Stop using your HDFC credit card by going to the bank to get it blocked.

  1. First, make an application.
  2. The second step is submitting the paperwork personally at an HDFC Bank branch.

Getting Your Blocked HDFC Credit Card Unlocked

To unlock a banned credit card, call HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at 1860-267-6161. HDFC’s website provides a list of local customer service contact numbers.

Your bank may have temporarily deactivated your card because of your spending habits or outstanding balances. Don’t risk more damage to your credit by trying to use a lost or stolen card.


How can I unblock my HDFC credit card to pay my bill?

If you have your credit card temporarily disabled, you can still make a payment at any HDFC Bank branch by depositing a check, cash, or demand draft.

How can I permanently suspend my HDFC credit card?

Save time by printing out the online Credit Card Cancellation Form now. To complete the application, please go to After you’ve completed it, please mail it to the manager, HDFC Bank Credit Cards, Post Office Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041.

Can I put a temporary hold on my HDFC credit card?

You may temporarily deactivate the card and enable it again with this function. To manage your HDFC credit card, go into your online banking account and navigate to the ‘Manage Card’ area.