Block Axis Credit Card, How to Block Axis Credit Card

How do I block my Axis Bank credit card? How do I stop & replace my Axis Bank credit card? Credit cards are a useful financial instrument for boosting consumers’ spending power. Cardholders must exercise extreme caution while using their credit cards for purchases to avoid fraud. You can access several ways through Axis Bank to ban your credit card. The procedures listed below can be used to block your Axis Bank credit card.

Block Axis Credit Card

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Block your credit card by sending an SMS to 5676782 from your registered mobile number. Simply write BLOCK XXXX (the last four digits of your credit card number).

First and foremost, if your Axis Bank credit card is lost somewhere, you must block the card for security; otherwise, all of your money might be lost if it falls into the wrong hands. Axis Bank provides several methods, including sending an SMS, calling an emergency hotline, and using online banking to stop your credit card. To block your Axis Bank credit card, take the actions listed below.

Option 1: You must send an SMS from the registered mobile phone at Axis Bank in order to block your credit card with that financial institution. Send the message “BLOCK XXXX (last 4 digits of your credit card number)” to 5676782 by typing it in.

Option 2: Customers can phone the Axis Bank emergency hotline at (1860) 419-5555 or (1860) 500-5555, and after confirming their identification, a customer care representative will aid them.

Option 3: Go to Account > My Cards > More Services in the Axis Bank online banking service, or go to Banking > Services > Credit Card > Block & Replace Card in the Axis Mobile app if you have access to that service.

Option 4. If you are having trouble contacting the first three choices, your sole remaining option is to block your Axis Bank debit card by going to the bank branch that is most convenient for you. Submit your application to the bank executive or fill out the card-blocking forum.