CBI Bank ATM Block, How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

How to Disable a Debit Card from Central Bank of India Your Central Bank of India debit card may have been lost. After losing your Central Bank of India debit card, you should get it stopped to avoid any possible misuse. Both the cardholder and the issuer have a stake in taking action right away. The basic actions listed below should be followed in order to disable your Central Bank of India ATM or debit card.

How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

Call Customer Care Number You can phone the Central Bank of India’s specialised card hot listing number to get your ATM card stopped. The cardholder will have to supply the card number, account number, and other account-related details.

Card Hotlisting Number: 1800 22 1911

The number is toll free and available 24×7.

Send SMS

Customers of the Central Bank of India can disable their debit card by sending a simple SMS. They can either ban every card connected to RMN or just one specific card.

  1. To block all cards linked to RMN, Type: “LOST
  2. To block individual card, Type: LOST <space> Card Number
  3. To block card linked to the account, Type: LOST <space> Account Number
  4. Send SMS to 9967533228
  5. You will get confirmation and it will do the hotlisting of your Debit card.

Use Central Bank of India Mobile App

  • Customers can block their lost Debit card with Central Bank of India Mobile application too.
  1. You must set up Cent Mobile, the bank’s official app.
  2. Open the app after installation and sign in using your net banking credentials.
  3. Choose the Cards tab from the choices below.
  4. Choose Block Debit Card next.
  5. Select whatever card you wish to block.
  6. You’ll receive a confirmation message after clicking Submit.

*You can also set the limit of maximum cash withdrawal limit with Cent Mobile App.

Login into Net banking

Via Central Bank of India’s net banking, clients can also disable their debit cards. To quickly disable the account holder’s ATM card, go to the net banking interface.

To restrict a specific debit card, just choose the Hotlist Card option after logging in with your net banking account. You can snap a screenshot of the successful notification that appears after you submit the information. Record the reference number as well, if one is provided.

You can also email your query on debitcard@centralbank.co.in.

*You need to clearly mention that your Debit card needs to be blocked instantly. Also mention all the details of your account.

Visit the Central Bank of India Branch

Also, you can file a missing card report at a Central Bank of India location. The best solution will be offered to you by the bank staff.

It might not be possible to visit the bank branch outside of business hours. Before visiting the branch, it’s also a good idea to use the SMS or phone banking options because they may help you out more quickly.