Canara Bank ATM Block Number, How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card

How to Block an ATM Card from Canara Bank? The average man’s life has been made easier with the invention of the ATM Card (automated teller machine card). Before the advent of ATM cards, customers had to take cash with them while making purchases, but now they may buy without doing so. In addition, utilising an ATM card allows us to make cash withdrawals during non-business hours and on non-business days.

Canara Bank ATM Block Number

While using a debit or ATM card, one must use caution. Given how readily credit cards may be used for fraudulent purchases, even the smallest act of carelessness can increase the danger. Thus, never divulge any debit card information to anybody, not even your relatives.

How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card?

You have the option to quickly block the concerned card to stop fraudulent transactions in the event of a lost or stolen debit or ATM card.

Let’s explore in further depth. How can I block an ATM card from Canara Bank?

There are several ways to block a Canara Bank ATM Card. They are: By Calling Customer Care Visit the Canara Bank Home Branch Through Internet Banking Sending an SMS

  • There are several ways to block a Canara Bank ATM Card. They are:
  • By Calling Customer Care
  • Visit the Canara Bank Home Branch
  • Through Internet Banking
  • Sending an SMS

 Via Customer Service

  • Contact Canara Bank’s customer service department at 1800 425 0018, which is a toll-free number.
  • Step 2: Continue and select the IVR option to disable the appropriate ATM card.
  • Step 3: The call will be connected to a customer service representative from the bank.
  • Step 4: Let them know that you misplaced your card and that you want to block it.
  • Step 5: Provide the customer service representative your card information.
  • Step 6: To confirm your identity, you will be required to provide information such as your bank account number, complete name, date of birth, cellphone number, and so forth.
  • Step 7: When you provide them the information they need, the customer service representative will ban your card.

Visit the Canara Bank Home Branch

Step 1: Go to your local Canara Bank branch. The branch where you started the account and handle it is referred to as the “home branch” in this context.
Step 2: Report your missing ATM or debit card to the appropriate authorities. 
Step 3: Provide them with the 16-digit ATM card number’s data.
Step 4: Confirm that you are the owner of the bank account connected to the stolen debit or ATM card.

Through Internet Banking

  • The owner of the debit card may also disable the debit card using the online banking feature, however in order to do so, the internet banking account must first be activated. 

Step 1: Go to Canara Bank’s official website first. The login page will now appear in 

Step 2. Continue by entering your Canara Bank User ID and Password.

Step 3: Click Request from the top menu bar after successfully logging in. 

Step 4: Choose the Debit Card Hot Listing option from the menu.

The next step is to choose the debit card you wish to ban. 

Step 6: Choose the appropriate card and press the “Confirm” button.

Sending an SMS

One of the quickest ways to disable a stolen debit card is to do this. You must send an SMS from your registered cellphone number using the format shown below.

  1. Step 1: First type the SMS in the below-mentioned format.
  2. Step 2: CAN space HOTLISTDC space 16-digit ATM card number
  3. Step 3: Send this SMS to 5607060.