Aadhar Card Application Form for Child, Download Aadhar Card Application Slip for Child

Obtain the application form for the issuance of an Aadhar card for a minor. Please get the PDF file for the application form of the Aadhar card for minors. Currently, the utilization of the Aadhaar card is mandatory for individuals who have reached adulthood. Presently, the Aadhaar card has been widely distributed across a significant portion of the population, and the process of generating new Aadhaar cards is ongoing at the Aadhaar Center. If there are young children residing in your household and you would like to obtain their Aadhaar card, you may readily begin the process of applying for a new Aadhaar. To complete this process, it is necessary to complete the designated application form and afterwards submit it.

How to Download Aadhar Card Application Form for Child?

Form TypeAadhaar Card
Form NameAadhaar Card Application Form
Size335 KB
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The process of issuing Aadhaar cards for children falls under the category of Baal Aadhaar cards. The prescribed application form for obtaining a child’s Aadhaar card may be accessed and downloaded using internet platforms. In this section, we will provide instructions on how to obtain the PDF version of the application form for a child’s Aadhaar card.

Instructions for Completing the Aadhar Card Application Form for Minors

To begin, please access the provided hyperlink to obtain the application form for youngsters seeking an Aadhaar card. Subsequently, proceed to generate a hard copy of the aforementioned document. Please proceed to complete the application form by providing the child’s name, gender, date of birth, and complete address. Subsequently, proceed to complete the requisite fields pertaining to the Aadhaar number particulars of either the mother or father. It is mandatory for children under the age of five to provide their parents’ Aadhaar data upon completion of the application form. The parents are required to affix their signature below the provided space.

The process of obtaining an Aadhaar card for a child may be outlined as follows.

To begin, it is necessary to complete the Aadhaar Card Application Form in advance. Subsequently, proceed to the closest base center. In addition, it is possible to schedule an appointment on the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Please ensure that the designated form and certificate are sent to the Aadhaar Center. The list of needed papers for minors can be accessed for verification purposes.

  • Identity Proof: Birth Certificate Or Any ID Card Issued By A School.
  • Residential Proof: Aadhaar Card Of A Parent Or Legal Guardian And Resident Certificate Issued By MP, MLA, Gazette Officer, Panchayat, Or Tehsildar.

For Children Between 5 and 15 Years

  • Birth Certificate Or School ID
  • Letterhead From The Institution
  • Adhaar Card Of The Parent Or Legal Guardian
  • Identity Certificate Issued By Tehsildar Or Gazette Officer

This page provides a comprehensive guide on the step-by-step process of downloading the PDF application form for the Aadhar card for children. If you encounter any difficulties in downloading the application form, please kindly inform us by utilizing the comment box provided. We are committed to providing assistance to you. I express my gratitude for your assistance.